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Why do you need a leveling kit?

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When buying rims of motorists quite often disappointment awaits. This is due to the fact that the design wheels that are liked by design do not always have in their lineup models with the necessary parameters that perfectly meet the requirements of the automaker. And if such characteristics as diameter and width allow small deviations, then the departure should exactly coincide with the specified value. The output in this case can serve as wheel spacers or torsion keys. However, they are used only in situations where the departure value is more than the recommended. If this condition is met, spacers are quite capable of reducing the parameter in question to the required value.

Wheel spacers are metal flat parts of a circular shape, which level the departure, being installed between the hub and the disk itself. Such a decision is quite justified, but only if, as a result, the wheel rim is reduced to exactly the standard size (not less, not more), which ensures a safe ride, since it reduces the load on the suspension to the calculated parameters. In addition, spacers are very actively used in tuning cars, but let's talk about the appropriateness of this application a little later.

Types of spacers

This is due to the goal pursued by the driver, mounting them on the hub. There are two main types of wheel spacers:

  • With through holes for studs. When using these parts hub bolts must be replaced for longer ones.

  • With holes for mounting the disc and hub bolts. In this case, the part is autonomously mounted on the hub, after which it is possible to mount the disk, screwing it directly to the spacer.

Note that the second option can also be used to change the interbolt distance, the diameter of the holes and their number. Also, such parts are usually made with a bulge that is intended for centering the wheel, which requires special attention when buying, since the size of the centering hole of the disc must be taken into account.

In addition, spacers are:

  • Thin - thickness from 3 to 10 millimeters.

  • Medium - thickness 12–20 millimeters.

  • Thick - thickness of 20-30 millimeters.

  • Extra thick - thickness 3-4 centimeters.

Each of these types is used for mounting discs with a negative overhang, and allows you to adjust the parameters to those recommended by the manufacturer of the car. In addition, the last two options are used when mounted tuning wheel arches (thick models - for conventional cars, and super thick for crossovers and SUVs).

Conditions of use

If we consider this issue from the point of view of mechanics, then the only conclusion that suggests itself is that the use of wheel spacers is permissible only in cases when the departure is larger than the standard one. In this case, the width of the part itself (in millimeters) must exactly coincide with the value of the difference between the actual and the required departure. It should also be understood that the key aspect when choosing a spacer for a disc is its quality. If the alloy parts are heterogeneous, or there are errors (even minor) in the location of the bolt holes, it is very likely that the wheel will break, which will literally destroy the vehicle's suspension in the shortest possible time. And in extreme conditions, these unrecorded critical loads can even lead to instantaneous destruction of the suspension, with all the ensuing consequences. All of the above should prevent every motorist from purchasing the handicrafts in question, as well as avoid buying products from an unknown manufacturer.

The use of spacers in tuning the car

As already mentioned, the use of spacers under the discs can serve several purposes. In addition to providing a given departure, they allow you to mount the wheels with non-standard distance between the studs on the disk, as well as with tires of greater dimension than the standard ones. Less commonly, they are set to increase the car's gauge.

Obviously, such opportunities were highly appreciated by all kinds of craftsmen, so the details in question are quite widely used in tuning cars. Quite often it happens when exclusive discs, ideally suited to the exterior of a car, have not only a longer reach, but also non-standard mezhspylebechnoe distance. In this case, spacers are the best solution to the problem. They are mounted on the hub, after which the discs are attached directly to these parts by means of the bolts provided. Use them to create an aggressive type of vehicle. More specifically, when installing body kit, expanding wheel arches and using wide models of disks. Such an operation makes it possible to increase the track of the car. All this, of course, looks great. But no one will give a guarantee of safety during the movement after such upgrades. Therefore, if you are thinking about improving the exterior of your car in this way, then think twice.

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