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How to install a lift kit on a Jeep?

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Let`s begin!

Front suspension


Put a jack under the bridge, remove the wheels and the stabilizer.

2. Shocks

You will definitely need a key, which is more convenient, at 18. So,remove the shock absorbers, the front lower arms, then remove the springs with a special puller. Then you will need to remove the bump stops (remove the rubber part, there are two bolts under it, and then you can remove the cup).

3. Lever

Put a new lever and then the front suspension back.

4. Double steering damper

Then goes double steering damper

5. Sway bar

It remains to put "sway bar link", which serve to quickly detach the stabilizer. Unplug it, turn it up and fix it on a special bracket that is screwed in the wheel arch.

Rear suspension

1. Remove all that stuff “again”

So, we put a jack under the bridge, remove the wheels, shock absorbers, and fasteners (Sway Bar Links) of the stabilizer, under the mount of which we put a spacer.

2. A-arm

Further, it is necessary to unscrew the fastening of the A-arm from the nut of the bridge. But before doing this, I highly recommend unscrewing the trunk of wires and hoses from the bridge, since otherwise, if this is not done, before unscrewing the large bolts, the bridge will hang on them and most likely will tear off under its weight.

3. Springs

Now, while the jack holds the bridge, it's time to remove the old ones and put in new rear springs and extension cords.

4. Spacer

After the springs are installed, the next step is to insert a spacer between the bridge and the A-arm. Please note that the bolts are put through the bushings. In order to set the three bolts correctly, you will need filigree work with a jack, which, as you remember, stands under the bridge. Since the angle is changing and trying to bolt holes in is quite a non-trivial task.

5. Shocks

Fasten back rail with wires and hoses. Install the rear shock absorbers.

6. Almost done

Put the wheels back down and lower your Jeep and Voila.

Here is a video of installing lift kit on a Jeep

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