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Best ways to lift a truck

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Here is a list of best ways to increase truck clearance:

1. Install stiffer or longer springs

One of the most anticipated ways to increase clearance, which has fallen due to spring drawdown - installation of new springs with higher stiffness or increased number of turns. We just want to remind you that if your planting will grow by more than 5 cm, the consequences may be unpredictable.

2. Mounting high profile tires

It is relatively inexpensive to raise the ground clearance by putting tires more high profile. You can select the maximum allowed size specified manufacturer, but you can put even larger "rubber" and expand wheel arches. Simple, but not quite brilliant.

3. Installation of larger discs

Replacing discs can give a couple of extra centimeters with a constant effect, however, replacing them is much more expensive and more difficult. Kit must be selected under dimensions of the wheel hub, they must be appropriate bolts mounts.

4. Spacers under the shock absorber

The method is based on the fact that a spacer of metal, ABS plastic, polyurethane or rubber is installed at the junction of the support of the shock absorber with the body. They are cheap, give an increase of 3-5 centimeters. Such a method is not considered a redesign of the model. Nevertheless, spacers have a negative impact on the controllability, and they also wear out rather quickly.

5. Installation of additional plates in the spring in the auto spring suspension

There are fewer such cars, but for such models this method remains effective. If you are the owner of a spring SUV, it is quite possible that your arches will allow you to install larger wheels and add 1-2 springs.

6. Use of inter-turn pillows - buffers

Baffer - inter-turn pillow, made of polyurethane. The insert puts on on average wide coils of springs and supports them, interfering with compression to a critical level. Installing buffers in the springs is a simple and affordable way to increase the ground clearance yourself.

Here is a video about 5 Things you need to think about before you lift your truck

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